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Date Calculator – Days between Two Dates


Date Calculator is a powerful tool that simplifies date related calculations. Whether you need to determine the number of days between two specific dates or track the time that has passed since an important event, a date calculator can help. At Global Tools, we offer an intuitive and efficient date calculator to meet all your needs.

Understanding Date Calculator:

Our date calculator allows you to perform various calculations related to dates. For example, you can easily calculate the duration between two dates, regardless of the number of days, months or years separating them. Also, you can set the time that has passed since your birth, starting a job, or even the countdown to the next Cricket World Cup.

Date Calculator

Working Procedure:

The first calculator available on our website lets you calculate the difference between two dates. Two inputs are required: an initial date, known as the ‘start date’, and a later date, known as the ‘end date’. By default, the current date appears in both fields, providing a convenient starting point.

To calculate the duration between dates, you have several options. You can enter a date in the past as the ‘start date’ to determine the difference between Alternatively, you can calculate the time remaining from the current date and enter a future date as the ‘end date’ to apply that particular date and the current day. Moreover, you can enter both dates as per your preference and find out the difference between them.

Once you put in the desired dates, our date calculator will instantly give you the result in terms of calendar days. This period shows the exact difference between the two dates, giving you accurate information for your planning and organization.


Finally, our date calculator at GlobalTools is a reliable and efficient tool for all your date calculations. With its user-friendly interface and accurate results, you can easily determine the period between any two dates, be it for personal or professional purposes. Visit and discover the versatility of our date calculator today!

Remember, timing is important, and our date calculator will make sure you never lose track of it.

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